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Kit 2 fits ALL Regas, from early vintage models – Planar 2 and 3 and all modern offerings:

P1-2, P3,5,6, Planar 3, P25, P8 and P10. It comprises:


Achromat (5mm)


Arm choice is from FX5X FX3 or FZ F•X based arms. (FX5X replaces FXR)

Funk’s Isolation Bubble launched in Feb 2023. It has one aim:

“For all record lovers to get the most from their records making them sound closer to the master tape and to do so on virtually any deck regardless of make or vintage”.

No one else has that aspiration for your musical enjoyment.

To learn more, please read the Isolation Bubble document. There’s a lot to it and people find it both interesting and informative. What do you have to lose?

A P3 owner in Dubai took the plunge. Instead of spending his money going up the range, reading around he was convinced to try a different route and he went for the top transformation: FX3, Houdini, Bo!ngs, Achromat, and that’s where the story might have ended.

Quite unexpectedly, however, this email from him dropped into our inbox. It tickled us and is reprinted “as is”.

Good morning Arthur,

All I can say is