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If you’re not happy with the sound from your deck, you've come to the right place.


Well, just buying a new deck won’t get you there. Why? Because you’re using an arm! 

99.9%of arms are the weakest link in audio! That means it's most likely YOUR ARM is a major culprit to stopping your deck getting close to the master tape sound.

Isolation Bubble rectifies that.

The Isolation Bubble document explains this...and much more.

It's full of interesting nuggets of information for all turntable lovers.

Read about it here

Isolation Bubble


Achromat's design is quite unique. Millions of tiny bubbles help absorb energy released by the stylus as it pummels the groove - it is after all, "tracing" at over 20,000G! It's the best mat physics can create and for over two decades Achromat has given thousands of record users more enjoyment through better reproduction.

Funk introduces APM (Advanced Platter Mat). It’s Funk's latest development. Achromat bonded to glass.  

Why glass? Millions of decks have thin, flimsy platters.  They ring badly, right under the stylus - how dumb is that? APM's glass kills resonances, matching or exceeding Technics' SL1200G/GAE/SP10R! BUT 1200G/GAE/SP10R DON'T have Achromat and because of that, immediately APM has creates a superior turntable for modest users - PL12D or Dual 250 or SL1200 or...

Now, who would have ever thought that! (Don’t worry, you High End users (1200GAE) aren't left out. Get APM. Get the same performance kick as well!)

APM, Funk's top performing mat, is supplied as standard in most Funk's upgrade kits. 

(3mm, 5mm/ lipped mats are still available).

All Mats are available in all six colours. Improve the style of your turntable.





Unlike other manufacturers, Funk doesn’t live in an ivory tower. Funk really is about getting the best in sound and for everyone, so we embrace newcomers with modest decks.

Arms, in general, are the weakest link. In fact there’s no other way to say it, they’re rubbish. They’re responsible for bad music - they transmit vibrations to the cartridge, which mucks up your sound, and the more modest the deck (arm)…! (A whole section describes this in the Isolation Bubble document. Read and learn. It’s interesting). For you, Funk says “Decouple”, that's why Houdini was developed! This patented little device blocks those damaging arm vibrations and Immediately your sound improves…a lot! It’s as simple as that.

With improved sound comes greater musical enjoyment. That’s because we’ve set you on the road to get closer to master tape. Having enjoyed Houdini, you can transfer it to your next deck.

Just try it and hear, especially on your modest deck. (You’ll get your money back if you disagree…only, you won’t!)


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Arms connect directly to the cartridge making them a critical component. Disastrous then that arms are in fact the weakest link in the audio chain! Read all about it in Isolation Bubble.

Funk has developed it’s unique F•X beam technology to overcome this limitation and refined it over the years with one award winning arm after another.

It now introduces FZ. With a 7th generation arm beam technology, Houdini decoupling technology and REER energy blocking technology.  Together they deliver a noise signature that’s into the noise floor – in other words it’s inaudible, making it “The most passive arm you’ll never hear”

Since NO other arm has all three such technologies, to us that qualifies FZ as the best, of the best, of “Reference” arms on the planet.

Of course, such things don’t come cheap… With other arms exceeding £30k+, how then does Funk make FZ for £4950.

Perhaps it’s because:

“No one understands Analogue like Funk”