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The Funk Firm

Our Heritage

The brain and creator of The Funk Firm is physicist Arthur Khoubesserian, often referred to as ‘The Mad Scientist’. His knowledge spans and encompasses 40 years of experience starting with the Pink Triangle in the 80s.

Making the headlines, it is no exaggeration to say that Pink Triangle was responsible for turning the whole turntable scene upside down whilst at the same time heralding a new age for turntable development and helping to bring it to where it is today.

Pink Triangle stood for a standard and started to un-pick decades of poor design.

Arthur at ‘Pink Triangle’

Pink Triangle pioneered the use of the light and rigid sub-chassis, which was also non-symmetric and hence less prone to resonance

It argued against the use of the soft useless mats of the day, and, shock horror, it invented the use of “hard” acrylic onto which the record directly sat in order to match the impedance of the record to the platter and so reduce colourations

Instead of the AC motor, which had been king, Pink Triangle selected instead a DC motor to provide a super smooth drive

For greater drive stability, they employed an inverted bearing, the precursor to Vector Drive

Pink Triangle pioneered Needle Talk adjustment for arm energy dissipation - the system was designed with a Centre of Mass that was co-linear with Centre of Gravity

It showed the massively beneficial effect of putting the Motor in line with stylus.

Now look around at the modern turntable. How many now use, no, rely on those original ideas? From the most budget conscious to the most expensive, the ghost of Pink Triangle is everywhere. Innovation upon innovation, Pink Triangle has certainly reserved its place in the history and evolution of the modern turntable. That is something no one can take that away.


History of ‘The Funk Firm’

Jump forward to 2005 when Arthur founded The Funk Firm with its mission statement clear and unequivocal.

“To get the most from the tiny groove containing musical information”.
Since then, The Funk Firm has gone from strength to strength, releasing a wide range of products onto the analog turntable market.


Funk moved on from the acrylic and launched Achromat. A universal Mat of a new material and construction, which, incredibly improved on Pink Triangle’s original acrylic platter. It seems counter-intuitive but Achromat easily improves turntables costing £40,000+. No wonder that Achromat is now the best selling mat in the world.


A three-pulley belt drive system called Vector drive - it Vectors the drive force around the platter, thereby providing superior support to platter rotation, and is the ideal support for the conventional, downward pointing bearing, especially when correctly positioned - Yes, even here there is an optimisation process.


Funk moved into cartridge supports, otherwise known as “The Arm”, where Funk has introduced a genuinely new arm tube construction. Arm resonances had plagued arms, quite literally for a century. Called F.X this new development has revolutionised the way resonances are now being reduced to vanishing. It is already regarded as a giant killer and development of this new technology is ongoing.


Attention returned to the platter. Physics and technology met and produced a new material - Strata. Strata shows how two apparently irreconcilable properties can be brought together to deliver astonishing results. In this case, a thin section material that is flat yet does not ring. Detail information on this is currently restricted under patent rules.

Thread bearings for arms was made available to the mass market in the guise of the F6 arm. The result has been the award for “Product of the Year” for Flamenca by Absolute Sound.


Super Deck Grande. A two arm turntable for up to two 12” arms. Audio magazine (Germany) declares this "a bargain" with "perfect measurements". It enters their "Outstanding Reference Class" section. It doesn’t get better.

2019 King of the Funk delivers yet again. Funk FXR is awarded Tonearm of the Year Hifi+


After 3 years of meticulous work, The Funk Firm releases the Houdini, rumoured to be Arthur’s greatest innovation to date. Derived from AK1, Houdini is a decoupler with high dynamic stability. Arthur calls it his most revolutionary product yet, and so far, it seems to have created quite a storm in the world of analog.

Time after time, backed by physics and math, the Funk pedigree demonstrates its unrivalled appetite to excel in offering you, the listener, radical thinking, far-out creativity and dramatic, sympathetic styling.

In short the very best of good ideas.

And still we are not done. Enjoy the surprises yet to come.

Funk Works


Enfunkation explained

Jump forward to 2005 when Arthur founded The Funk Firm with its mission statement clear and unequivocal.

“To get the most from the tiny groove containing musical information”.
Since then, The Funk Firm has gone from strength to strength, releasing a wide range of products onto the analog turntable market.


Achromat has become a best seller for Funk, however in addition to Achromat, you may be unaware of Funk’s other capabilities to enhance your deck. It’s really the ethical and practical thing to do. 

We don’t like our throw away society. An example Arthur recently wrote this in reply to a customer email: 

“I have a really good tv that I am being forced to throw away and replace. Why? Because one day it accepts BBC’s iPlayer and the next, someone has tweaked something and, poof, iPlayer cannot be received…and Sony can’t be bothered to support it by sending a firware upgrade (that’s all it will take). “Oh. You’ll have ot buy a new set." So, it too now ends up on the modern junk pile…and I don’t like that.” 

It’s the same with your record deck. You are constantly encouraged to trade-in and buy a new one. But is that the best option? We say it’s not. Even less if the new one is not really that much better than the one you have just replaced it with.

 Following the gradual upgrade path offered to you costs you more money with less performance.

If your turntable has a decent bearing (low rumble) and spins at the correct speed, you already have a great platform. Why waste it? Improvements come from “Elsewhere” and Isolation Bubble is the greatest advance in turntable history.

Take advantage and help your records come alive. this one isn’t too good to be true. It really is good.

Else, why it is winning awards? 


When evaluating a new deck, and you ask yourself if it sounds better, the first thing to consider is: 

Are they both using the same cartridge? If not, which are you listening to? The deck or the cartridge? Because of that uncertainty, any comparision is out the window. That’s because cartridges sound different - see the section on Akutrak to understand more.

Never mind whether your deck is modest or £50k, my aim is to allow you to get so much more from your deck,  way beyond what you thought possible. Not only will it already beat the deck you were most likely considering, (that’s easy),but in fact you will find it is now a much higher performer indeed and for much less than you were going to spend. Not only that but you’ll have got there by spending far less than by any other route possible. 

”Spending far less”: Cynics might say “This doesn’t make sense, - they’d be losing money”. Ask yourself:

“How many lower priced decks are out there for us to affordably improve?”  I think you have the answer.

It is a Win-Win. For relatively little money, you have a deck that outperforms anything you’d buy new, and all the while Funk grows along with its reputation. 

To give you even more confidence that we are telling the truth, we also offer a total money back guarantee, i.e. to include all postage costs, both ways. (I wonder why dealers don’t like this?) 

Interestingly, to date, not one single person has asked for a refund.

When we started this, it was pointed out: “Don’t do that. Offering the money back, people will think you’re being weak, that there’s something wrong”. We see it differently:

Look at the testimonials and the fact that no one wants to let go of their Houdini. 

The money-back is merely an insurance. You never want to use it, but it is nice to know it’s there. And, if you’re a responsible manufacturer, that’s simply what you do. You allow for people to have an opinion different to yours and don’t penalise them for that.



Onto business


As big hitters go, the star of the show is Houdini. Only months old and already the reputation is growing and growing fast...Well, now we have the award as well. So much so that I don’t need to say too much about it. I’ll let others take up the story with the enclosed, both reviews and testimonials. My favourite testimonial is the shortest one of all. I don’t think I included it in the testimonial section but it really put a smile on my face when I read it:

“Oh my…” 

To me that sort of says it all. 

Another way of looking at it is that after 40 years in the industry, designing and producing some of the world’s greatest turntable innovations, (stuff you’ll read about in the EnFunkation document),I regard Houdini as delivering the best I have ever achieved, which with all due modesty, is saying something. 

Yes, there was a lot to read but we hope you find this useful, informative and enjoyable.