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Kits 11 & 12: Isolation Bubble upgrade for DJ Style decks: Audio Technica, Pioneer, Technics SL1200 Series, ReLoop: Full description below to follow...



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Kit 11:

Funk’s Isolation Bubble kit 11, takes SL1200 styled decks: SL1200 mk II-VII, GR, Pioneer PLX 1000, ReLoop and similar to the High End. 1200G and GAE differ only in having to use the 5mm mat due to a reduced spindle height.

Bo!ngs + APM (6 colours) + Houdini + Cobra Headshell.

Additional options: Arm upgrade and Spin Bearing and Smoothie linear supply.

Supplying the correct Houdini. Bolt through refers to cartridges such as  Nagaoka MP500 and are held with nuts.

Threaded mounting refers to cartridges like Ortofon, which are threaded and use no nuts.

1200’s platter is very thin. As a consequence it is prone to ringing which as it sits directly under the disc and stylus its signature is picked up.

APM’s glass sub-plate damps the platter as effectively if not more so than 1200G(!)  The addition of Achromat takes the performance way beyond that of G or GAE allowing it to deliver a deeper, cleaner and more sonorous bass, thus making APM terrific value for money.

Bo!ngs benefit DJs through the variable damping sponges provided, from a light touch to full and well-controlled action. This permits flexibility for audiophile use as well.

Additional options are:

Arm upgrades: FX5X and FX3. With Funk’s F.X technology, the cartridge is held very stable as it travels across the record. Houdini now fully isolates the cartridge allowing the delicate subtle textural colours and powerful transients to come through in equal measure.

Smoothie power supply: This is a laboratory standard linear power supply.

By removing the onboard transformer from within the chassis, Smoothie eliminates any possible source of supply radiated fields or current fluctuations ensuring nothing influences either the drive or signal from the cartridge..

Spin bearing: The ultimate bearing for your 1200. A very low friction, continuous contact design totally eliminates any possibility of bearing induced wow, whilst the sapphire-ceramic running surface drops rumble to the lowest possible level.

From its modest beginning, Kit 11 transforms your 1200 into a very High-End product and is as close to the Master Tape as one can achieve..

Compare and you’ll hear.

Compare and you’ll smile.

Ultimate option: Audio-Technica 760 and Akutrak for the most faithful approach to the original Master Tape.