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Kit 1: Isolation Bubble upgrade. Covers Entry to High End. 4-foot / "S"Shaped arms / SME-style plug-in head shells.



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Kit 1

Ultimate upgrade: Fits all standard 4-foot turntables, typically with “S” shaped arms and SME-style plug-in straight headshell.


APM - Funk’s Top performing mat (Six colours)

Houdini – Threaded or Bolt Through

Cobra Headshell - as required - see below.

Bo!ng feet – to suit weight of turntable  - see below. 


Please let us know the model of deck so we can supply the appropriate Bo!ngs.

Arm choice: Please select the arm from the arm section or ask for our recommendation. Bought as part of Kit 1, you will be entitled a 10% discount. 



Kit 1 Fits various models including:

Technics: SL100/1500C, SL1200Series mkII-VII and similar - Pioneer PLX1000, Reloop (all models), G/GAE SP10R, GR;

Vintage: 95% of 1970s models with “S” shaped arms / SME-style plug-in straight headshells: Pioneers - PL12D, 514, Sansui SR222, Sony models, Trio, Toshiba, Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon, SLB2,

...and so on and so on. 

Kit 1's adaptability means it’s a long, long list, so if you are at all unsure, please ask.


For a representative review on entry level and vintage decks, please checkout the PL12D review in Audiograde: entry level: Dual 250, Audio Technica 120X etc,  







Technics SL1500C is a great starter turntable that should not be seen as a starter turntable. (That said, we prefer GR to 1500 because the arm is removable - It is NOT on 1500C).

Both are great. How great? Here is one customer’s comment on deciding (to his cost!) to replace his 1500C (with an Achromat) with a “much better” model – the 1200GAE, but without the Achromat.

Actually, I sold my SL-1500C (£899) today with its Achromat (£74.50). I've now been using the stock rubber mat on the 1200GAE (£5,000) this afternoon and I definitely miss something(!)

The point being that not once does he comment on the improved sound from the GAE, only the loss of sound that he recalls he had! (PLus he’s some £4k out in pocket)

Moral of the story: Upgrading is a FAR better and more cost-effective option to buying new.


Upgrading arms:

If you have read Isolation Bubble, you will appreciate why we recommend changing the arm and changing arms on 1200s and other models is a straightforward procedure but we have a fitting service should you be wary of this.

With decks costing upwards of £10k, any “quality” new deck will set you back £3,000+.

The best you can hope for is that it is isolated. It will NOT have ANY of the other upgrade elements that are Isolation Bubble and its contribution towards Master Tape. In other words, you’ll have to buy them in addition to paying for the new deck.

Upgrading what you have, however, you pay just the upgrade price and enjoy the benefits immediately. Down the line, if you have more cash to splash and buy a new deck, these components transfer over. It’s a more logical and sensible way for progressing…but it goes against everything you’ve been told, only because it doesn’t make dealers and other manufacturers money!

If Isolation Bubble didn’t deliver, one might be tempted to agree with them… Your choice.