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Available in multiple variants for different turntable setups:

  • Rega
  • Gett
  • Clearaudio
  • LSD / 7-15kg
  • LPT
  • SL1200 / 16-25kg
  • 25kg+

Modern turntable designs are often rigid. All sorts of external vibrations are free to enter. We don’t feel them, but our stylus (seismograph) does, insidiously generating strange signals, which is why high-end decks are suspended. Cost-effective and easily fitted, Funk’s Bo!ngs  isolate just as effectively as any high-end deck. Job done!


Item Description
Isolates turntable from acoustic feedback and seismic vibration from footfall etc.

Replacement turntable feet with spring and damper isolation solution

Adjustable spring rate by adding or subtracting springs copes with a range of turntable weights ensures that the resonant frequency is below the listening range

Damping can be added to reduce motion – especially useful for DJ’s

About Bo!ng
For years cables have tried to clean our electrical signals. But what have we been doing about the interference caused by the extraneous mechanical vibration all around from speakers or traffic from cars and floors? Feeding straight back to your stylus, it negatively affects Pace, Rhythm and Timing. This is really bad news as all rigid turntables are negatively affected this way.

All the while, however, the very best decks are all isolated. Makes you think. So, if you have a rigid turntable, shouldn’t yours be isolated?

Bo!ng. Funk’s new range of decoupling solutions to help your deck into the high end.

Your listening window opens wider than ever and the benefits are real and easy to hear: Your Rega, Project, VPI, Clearaudio etc. will never have sounded so good.

Bo!ng’s springs are not “off-the-shelf” but specially made for this application. They are tuned low and have a long travel.

Bo!ng is just about the most affordable, most definitive upgrade you can make. (If you want to lift the veil on your system even more? Partner it with Achromat)

Bo!ng has solutions for amplifiers, CD players.