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Vector SE



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Vector SE

With its distincitive, unmistakable shpw, this is the turntable that launched Funk.

Vector SE is now its latest and most refined incarnation.

New vectoring pulleys are the latest “zero-flutter” twin-ball race design,

A new motor gives a faster response for even more accurate, yet delicate control

A new bearing assembly.

It all returns extremely low wow rumble and flutter.

The sonics are handled by Audio Technica’s VM760SLC cartridge mounted in an FX3 and Houdini, which are standard. (FX3 can be upgraded to FZ if desired).

VM760SLC it complements Akutrak perfectly.

The ensemble is complete with Kinetk Kradle.

Vector SE is the closest version yet to the Master Tape.

Just listen.

Available finishes – the dramatic Orange Rush or a soothing Titanium Ice.