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Gett! 2




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Gett! 2 Funk's entry level deck, now with included Bo!ngs and an Audio Technica 95E as standard higher specification models to extra cost.

Make your start In HiFi, with the 'best deck for under £1000' (Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man).

Gett! with its crisp styling is a no-nonsense introduction to analogue easily living up to the Funk Firm reputaion

The Funk Firm Gett! 2's key features

  • Revolutionary F·X5 tonearm with one of the lowest peak resonances at just 9dB, (Rega's own RB arms come in at 20dB), and incredibly low colouration performance.
  • A 2-speed DC motor drives the platter smoothly with inaudible wow. 
  • Bo!ng isolation feet that keep external seismic vibrations away.
  • Vanishingly low rumble helped by a very narrow diameter precision ground shaft.
  • Fully adjustable VTA.
  • Azimuth adjustment for an accurate setup.


What are you waiting for? Join the world of HiFi with this amazingly priced work of engineering from the Funk Firm, incorporating our Isolation Bubble technology, and truly listen to the music your Vinlys are capable of producing.