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Tonearm F5 Series

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F5 Series

Funk's F5 has proved itself a very capable arm and in no small part has helped Funk’s now legendary Little Super Deck achieve its status as a very high performing deck at a very modest price.

All arms feature removable headshells with azimuth capability.

F5 is has now become the F5G, (Funk’s entry arm with Rega mounting) It is a full stand-alone arm and has primarily been designed to complement Funk’s Gett! 2 at entry level. Cost savings have been made by replacing the bespoke support plate lift and arm rest with a 1-piece arm rest and lift mechanism and also foregoing the sliding tracking weight, whilst tracking weight is set by a dial-on counterweight.

For the budget conscious and similar to F5G, F5L (Lenco) and F5T (Thorens) are direct drop-in replacement arms for the legendary GL75 / 78 and also the TD150 / 160 decks. Both are priced at £375.00

Wherever possible they use the existing lift and arm rest on the decks themselves and so are supplied without these items.

(If a lift and arm rest is needed, it can be supplied as well at +£100)


Funk pioneered the complex F.X technology to great effect. Improvements in manufacturing have resulted in a new, more cost-effective F•X cross-bracing core than the complex variant employed in FX3.

FX5X is distinguished a substantial support plate, proprietary lift mechanism, an eccentric counterweight and Funk’s variable mass, sliding tracking weight and replaces FXR, which after 12 years of service has now been retired. FX5 is now manufactured in a variety of guises to meet various applications:

FX5-X: £935.00

BETTER - FX5-L and FX5-T – For Lenco and Thorens.

Deservedly, Lenco idler driven turntables have achieved a very high level of cult status but there is an inherent sonic weakness from the installed Lenco arm that marrs an otherwise terrific performance.

The same argument goes for Thorens turntables. Highly resonant and tubes and flimsy headshells holding the cartridge are seen on both TD 150 and TD 160/166 turntables.

Given the high level of performance these turntables are capable of, it is logical for high performance arms to be fitted. For both Lenco and Thorens, FX5X with its mild 9dB resonance peak, has been adapted to FX5L and FX5T as direct high performance drop in replacements.


How about BEST!

Did you know that the LP12 was modelled on a Thorens and when suitably upgraded the Thorens is quite capable of matching LP12. Isolation Bubble transforms LP12s, so it should come as no surprise that transforming TD150/160/166 is also taken in its stride making exploiting the even higher performance of FX3 an exciting prospect. Please see the FX3 page.