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  • Available in 9 and 12 lengths

  • Available with Phonos or DIN

Cross Beam technology in a new arm design

Ultimate arm for high-performance turntables

Ideal for higher specification Linn LP12s, Michell Orbe, Technics 1200G and SP10, Roksan Xerxes recent models and, of course, our own Little Super Deck

About FX3
In order to work properly cartridges need a rigid support.

For the past 100 years, however, the arms that have carried them have been anything but rigid. In 2010, Funk started an R&D program to solve this.

The result was Funk’s unique F•X Cross-Beam system (pat pend).

Rigid & low-Q, F•X has earned a giant killing reputation, which is well deserved.

Here’s how one dealer has described it:

” … I have had a most enjoyable weekend delving into the latest box from the 10,000 LP haul that I brought back from the storage unit recently thanks to the incredible sound, or lack thereof, of the new (FX3) arm. I have to say I am enjoying the best phono sound I have ever owned, reminiscent of the Eminent Technologies SLT without all the silliness of air pumps and all. Another breakthrough!” Critical Dealer

FX3 is a “from the ground up design” & is the next generation of this technology.

Funk’s F•X beam: Very low “Q” with very low self-colouration has less effect on the cartridge. The sound is characterised with speed, layering finesse and fine resolution. Above all reproduction enjoys an uncommon naturalness.

ABEC 7 bearings.

High linearity falling-weight bias for optimal tracking and extended stylus life.

Straightforward Azimuth adjustment.

In line with the stylus the Lo-slung counterweight gives a sleek stylish design.

Calibrated, sliding weight for tracking force produces a variable mass design – 9-13g eff mass. Increases with tracking weight: Matches MM and MC cartridges.

Cabling – high purity copper (standard). Other options available.

Effective Length 237mm (std); 12”, Technics & Linn geometry all available to order;

Colour: Black; 3-screw mounting 222.9mm spindle to arm distance.