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Funk's Famous FXR arm was released back in 2011. It is based on funk's famous F.X arm beam technology and this is grafted to the popular Rega RB series of arms. 

The sound of an arm has NOTHING to do with bearings. How can it? A bearing rotates. Period. By contrast an arm beam actually supports the cartridge and must carry it PASSIVELY across the disc. Unfortunately the tubes used are effectively wind chimes - just tap one! It makes no difference whether they are straight or tapered, special coatings or damping, they ALLL ring and ringing is movement. That means the cartridge is moving and this generates random signals.

THAT's how your music is ruined. It's that simple.

Funk applied its usual out of the box thinking to the problem and came up with a highly original and elegant solution - F.X. The results were measured by HiFi World and the results genuinely stood out from the crowd. Teh usual ar - here we are tlaking low end....high end. the response cureve for an arm shoudl be flat and at the bottom of gteh screen.  99.99% of ALL arms, however, have resonant signatures with peaks of 20dB...30dB even 40dB. If your amplifier or speaker had such a response, you'd return it. 

Just look at your RB arm and think how you'd turn it into an FXR. Genuinely, it is not simple. BUT it does deliver the results, so we do it for you to benefit and enjoy the results. A stable arm allows Houdini to work more efficiently as it doens't ahve to deal with the larger arm movements.

It is all part of Funk's Isolation Bubble.

FXR: A true High Performance arm for a non high end price.