Worldwide Shipping Available

E-Commerce Conditions

Every effort has been made to make your user experience as seamless as possible but for the uninitiated here are a few guidelines to using this store.

1: Payment options are either by Credit Card or by Paypal (Credit card is preferred) as this protects both parties. 

2: We have endeavored to provide value shipping options but overall charges are outside of our control

… where shipping charges make no sense then please contact us directly for a bespoke quotation of your items and shipping zone via prefferred method of carriage.

3: Postage will be combined on multiple items.

4: Items above £100 will all be tracked and insured where possible and where it makes economic sense, we will only use reputable and reliable shippers. 

5: To add more than one item to your cart simply pick your first option then navigate back to the STORE get to your second option and so on and so fourth until you are ready to checkout. Then checkout. Parcel costs are combined and calculated volumetrically. If for some reason our shopping cart is bugged then please contact us directly to speak to a human. Or as close as we can be :).

6: To remove an item from you shopping cart simply go into the box where it has your item amount and change the value to zero (0). The cart with ask you to confirm removal of said item and simply do that. You will need to do this for every chosen product if you wish to empty the cart completely. 

7: If you have any issue with your invoice but have already paid simply email us at and we will resolve it. 

8: Any returns or quality issue enquiries are to be made to as a first port of call. We must insist on having an oportunity to resolve potential issues privately and not in the public domain. We work hard to provide quality service and backup but please also respect the effort it takes to build a business and how fragile that can be when private issues get aired in the public domain. Our facebook page is a place for enthusiasts to discuss the efficacy of our products and which work best with which, it is not an appropriate place to deal with warranty or service enquiries.

9: Other than the above we only require that you play & love your record collection as much as we do. 

10: All prices are now exclusive of V.A.T. so that we do not charge in countries where V.A.T. is not applicable. All UK and NI users please expect V.A.T. to be added during checkout of your item. In due course we will update the store to warn you in advance what the full price will be in accordance with UK consumer law. 

Thank you for choosing funk. No one understands analogue like funk!