4 Christmas Gifts For Vinyl Superfans

It feels as though Christmas is ages away but it’ll creep up on us very quickly indeed – and there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed and harried when doing Christmas shopping. A bit of planning and forethought means that you can enjoy the process and make sure that your friends and family actually get presents they want rather than a … Read More

3 Answers To Your Burning Vinyl Questions

If you’re new to record collecting, you’re sure to have all sorts of questions that you need answers to at certain points as you get to grips with your new hobby… and luckily, we here at The Funk Firm are on hand to help you out, no matter what queries you have. Here are just a few answers to common … Read More

Disney Vinyl Soundtracks Released For 90s Nostalgia Lovers

Nostalgia is, of course, different for everyone, and while one of us might be nostalgic giving a 70s era turntable an arm upgrade to keep it in good shape, some other vinyl appreciators might not have been born until 20 years after that turntable was.

Big unveil in Munich

Funk will be showing at the Munich High End show 18.05.2017 – 21.05.2017.   Come see our newest product at Halle 4 W05.  On display will be LAB 2, a new advanced thread bearing arm on Saffire / Kinetik Kradle. The first product from the new Tonmeister division is the Statement arm AK1. The aim of AK 1 was to not … Read More