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The funk Houdini in action

New Product the Houdini due for release at the end of September so watch this space!

Without overstating it, maintaining one’s morale will become increasingly important in these difficult times. For many of us our enjoyment of music is a fundamental pleasure. 
Well The Funk Firm is here and we will continue to trade in a direct manner whilst following Govt guidelines on Social Distancing. 
We will be dealing directly and internationally, but are still developing the website so if the site falls short and you have any questions about upgrade paths, products or shipping please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have plenty of time on our hands and will respond promptly.

International Buyers – Why can’t you order directly online? 

Did you know that there are over 18 different postage rate options covering:

All the various territories (Europe (with VAT), USA, Far East) plus “standard air mail”, “tracked” and so on?


We’re asking you to contact us with your specific requirement and we will get back with the correct postage.


Payment: Direct bank transfer; Paypal or, credit cards via Paypal.


We hope this helps clear up any confusion.



Stay Alert, Control The Virus, Save Lives and of course play records!… A.K.

FXR-2 Tonearm

  • Unique Cross Beam Technology

  • ABEC7 Bearings

  • New for 2020 Linear, Non-Magnetic Bias

HiFi+ Magazine Tonearm of the Year 2019

Welcome to The Funk Firm

Our Goal is Faultless Transcription. Records are cut from an original tape Master. This is the absolute reference we defer to when evaluating.
No other manufacturer mentions this. See “History of Funk” for more on this
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