Funk Vector Knob

V e c t o r V

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Funk’s Vector was the product that launched Funk in 2005.
Radical. Organic. Its styling immediately captured attention.
It has been winning awards since.

Now in its tenth year
Vector might be the "Old man" of the line-up but ongoing development and refinement has resulted in its ultimate incarnation -
Vector V.

• The very name Funk “
Vector” gives away the first feature: Funk’s, now famous, balanced drive, three pulley Vectoring drive system. Conventionally, the belt pulls the bearing over towards the motor. With Vectoring, three pulleys balance the force about the bearing in all directions. This produces less work for the motor, so it and the platter turn more smoothly. When you listen to a Funk Vector V, there is a delightful sense of “rightness” and ease to the music as compared to any deck without Vector drive.
• The motor and power supply are now derived from K-Drive.
Technically, the measurements are truly state of the art, being described by Audio magazine as "perfect measurements". It doesn't get better than that.
Achromat, HiFi Choice’s Gold award winning disc support is bonded to an all- new Strata based platter.
• A critical component is the optically polished and silky smooth, ultra rigid (second only to diamond) sapphire bearing. Found in only the highest end turntables, its rigidity is responsible for resisting all unwanted movement to give unparalleled wow and flutter performance. It will comfortably outlive the life of the turntable (and you!).
• The standard recommended arm is our award-winning F.X based
FX3 arm (pat pend).

Feature laden and superbly engineered,
Vector V is a Giant Killer design that is tremendous value for money.

Vector V is available in Black, White and new for 2015, a new sumptuous matt African Grey with its dramatic fiery mat.

Funk Vector 3 White Front