Disney Vinyl Soundtracks Released For 90s Nostalgia Lovers

Nostalgia is, of course, different for everyone, and while one of us might be nostalgic giving a 70s era turntable an arm upgrade to keep it in good shape, some other vinyl appreciators might not have been born until 20 years after that turntable was.

However, whatever era you’re from, you can’t help but have a cultural awareness and appreciation for the works of Disney, and now Disney have released LP vinyls from some of its most iconic 90s films. While these soundtracks might exist already in vinyl is some music shops and in the vastness of online, however, there’s something pretty magical about these re-releases.

As part of the Oh My Disney 90s Flashback collection, the bright, over-the-top colours and branding of these designers is quintessential 90s throwback, looking to appeal to the children of the 90s who now have the spending power to try and recapture their youth.

The LP vinyls are particularly good – designed with a full colour image on each side, including the track listing. As fun to have as decoration as to play, and we can imagine these becoming quite the collectibles in the future, after the end of this limited production.

The records include Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King – and they could be a great way to introduce a younger generation to your vinyl addiction. After all, vinyl has been around a long time and survived, so we say it’s not going anywhere – anything that looks to engage younger people with it can only be a good thing!