Technics SL1200

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SL1200 gets Funked

Technics SL1200 series turntables. 1200 platter mk II – Strata

Note: More photos coming

Here’s the problem:

To create a stable, wide diameter support for the record, that doesn’t move.

Conventionally platters have either thickness or a sizeable edge.

The trouble is the standard 1200 / 1210 series platters lack both!

We are effectively left with a disc, severe ringing is the natural consequence.

(For proof we need only examine the original metal offering:
Place a finger through a hole, tap it gently and “feel” the edge. The all too familiar uncontrolled, vibrating “Klong” confirms the problem: The edge is moving.)

One can try changing material: Glass…ceramics…plastics. In all cases, tap the edge and you can still actually feel movement.

…And if you can feel it, the stylus can read it.

It turns out that this is in fact a difficult problem to solve.

A creative solution was needed:

Here’s Funk’s solution:

For the Platter: Strata – a new construction.

FEA modelling produced a new construction. A glass inner ring is constrained by an outer ring quickly to control the motion.

Called “Strata”, its beauty lies in the fact that even as a flat disc, like-for-like, self-ringing is reduced by an order of magnitude.

Repeating the tap test now, virtually no movement can be felt.

Optimising its mass means the servo operates as intended.

Bonding Achromat to Strata finishes it off making Strata the ideal record support.

A complex, precision-machined central hub supports Strata, interfaces with the bearing and takes the rotor magnet.

Certainly Strata is neither straightforward nor cheap to make.

Not only has Strata exceeded the original design brief, built this way, – how a $20,000 deck, say, would be built – the exceptional performance takes it straight to the very high end. Is it any wonder that we feel this is simply the best platter system we know of for your 1200 series turntable.

For the Bearing: “Spin”

To get the very best from Strata’s increased information resolving capability we developed an all-new, optical grade Sapphire*-Ceramic bearing called “Spin”.

A Sapphire thrust plate mounted on a precision stainless steel shaft running against a lab standard ceramic ball and in PTFE bushes produces a bearing with ultra-low friction, which delivers silent, inky-black backgrounds capable of complementing Strata’s unrivalled performance.

*Sapphire is second only in hardness to diamond; metals are much further down. Simply they are not as smooth, have more friction and so generate more noise.