Super Deck Grande


Super Deck Grande

  • Enables two arms up to 12” long
  • Vector Drive System reduces distortion and improves accuracy of sound
  • Heavy glass platter for consistent speed
  • DC Motor for ultra low vibration 
  • Choice of any of the Funk Firm arms
  • 78RPM capable
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“ Super Deck Grande ” or SDG addresses those who need to use up to two 12” arms.

SDG’s motor unit is based on Little Super Deck. Being Vector driven one can be assured of the same rock-solid vice-like control on the music.

SDG Chassis showing Vector Drive and in this case mounting for Rega and SME arms – the choice is yours!

What you get is quite phenomenal solidity.

SD Grande accommodates two arms, a normal 9”: F5, F7 or FX3 and a 12” – both of course standard Rega fitting. The geometry of the 12” being identical to our 12” FXR-2 is based on our F5, which in its mk II guise, Noel Keywood wrote:

“…showing an almost complete absence of the usual tube mode at, or close to, 200Hz” – Noel Keywood HiFi World,

F5 then is an ideal platform upon which to develop a 12” arm: F512, which has now been optimized for use on GSD.

A new fixed position, removable headshell permits easy interchangeability for people who use different cartridges. This variant needs no re-alignment, and tracking weight is very easy to re-adjust using our sliding weight system.

78rpm lovers are catered for as well.
A front mounted speed control takes the 45 rpm speed setting and varies it up to 86 rpm.

A fuss-free, vector-driven, two-arm turntable for 12” lovers.
78 rpm on request.

“The Vector jockey-pulley system radically reduces basic rate wow…It will have the rock sold tonality of a Direct Drive, avoiding the slightly vague-pitch quality of a typical belt drive.”

– Noel Keywood – Hi-Fi World

“astonished that this relatively low priced unit has set a new standard for both rumble and Wow and Flutter” – “…the best in Audio history.” “Perfect measurements!”

– AUDIO Magazine (Germany)