Rage Upgrades for Rega Turntables


Rega upgrade packages for all eras of Rega turntables

Rega RAGE 1

  • Funk Firm FXR-2 – the ultimate Rega arm upgrade includes VTA adjustment
    • Option to send in your existing Rega arm for upgrade saves £150
  • Bo!ng isolation feet- providing isolation from acoustic feedback
  • Achromat 5mm

Rega RAGE 2

  • Funk firm F7 tonearm with unique thread bearing
  • Bo!ng isolation feet – providing isolation from acoustic feedback
  • Achromat 5mm


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Convenient packages for Rega owners called Rage 1 and 2

Rage 1
Rage 2

Rega turntables are mounted on a single plinth with no suspension to provide isolation from external vibration. The arms have no VTA adjustment making them harder to use with non Rega cartridges, spacers are required which lift up the arm base, and this causes the lid to touch the counterweight! The standard arms also ring and give quite an artificially bright sound.

Regas are ideal for upgrade with our simple to fit solutions to solve these problems.

Rega Rage 2 Review – Paul Rigby

Rega Rage 1 Review – Paul Rigby

Rega RAGE 1

Background to upgrade packages

The objective of a good turntable design is simply to spin the platter at the right speed and accurately read the information from the record! How well it achieves this is dependent on the turntable’s ability to deal with vibration

The focus for upgrades, then, should be to reduce the distorting effects of vibration. Ideally the only vibration occurring during vinyl replay would be the stylus in the groove and the sound from the loudspeakers, but unwanted vibration comes as a consequence of these and other external and internal sources.

Isolation from external vibration– turntables can vibrate due to sound from the loudspeakers, people walking (or dancing!) across the room, and to a lesser extent, seismic vibration from passing traffic, trains etc.

To cope with external vibration, most expensive turntables have a spring isolation system, rather like the suspension in your car. These turntables have two plinths.  The top one houses the platter and arm while the lower plinth holds the motor and three or four springs that isolate the top platter. These turntables are expensive to manufacture and often require considerable tuning to set up properly.

Rega turntables have a single plinth (usually made of MDF, sometimes plastic or foam) with motor, arm and platter all mounted directly to it. This is done simply to save manufacturing costs and does nothing for performance! Rega turntables benefit greatly from a spring isolation system, which can elevate turntable performance considerably with little cost outlay.

For this reason Funk Firm designed the “Bo!ng” spring isolation feet. These screw on in place of the existing (useless hard rubber) feet and are customisable to the weight of your particular turntable.

Isolation from internal vibration

Platter resonance- if you tap the platter, it rings!  What is happening during playback is that vibration from the stylus itself passes downward through the felt mat, hits the hard surface of glass and is immediately reflected back up again, to distort the movement of the stylus. 

Achromat is our patented solution to absorbing vibration energy from the critical interface between stylus, record and platter.

The Achromat is made of acrylic containing thousands of randomly sized bubbles. These absorb energy and turn it into heat, significantly reducing the back reflection from the platter to the stylus, and thus distortion. This results in a more 3D soundstage and better delineation between notes. The Achromat also helps to damp the ringing of metal and glass platters as it is affixed to the platter when fitted. The Achromat is also anti-static, unlike the felt mats that come with turntables. 

Tonearm upgrades

FXR-2 on Rega P3

Arm resonances– a tonearm is like a see-saw, a weight at one end (headshell and cartridge) and a counterweight at the other end with a pivot between. Vibrations pass back from the stylus at a whole range of frequencies into the arm, reflected back by the counterweight, causing the arm to bend and twist variably at different frequencies. This colours the sound as the bending of the arm moves the stylus relative to the record.

FXR-2 design

We wanted to upgrade the ubiquitous Rega RB250/300 family of arms to improve performance for the millions of audiophiles who already have Rega arms.

The modifications:

  • The magnetic anti-skate (bias) is replaced with a visually attractive and more accurate falling weight design
  • The bearings are upgraded to the highest possible quality (AEC7)
  • The arm tube is removed so that a new thin-walled high stiffness aluminium tube can be fitted with our carbon fibre cross-section beam inside, considerably increasing stiffness, and reducing ringing.

Funk Firm F7 is a ground up design

The F7 is our most affordable arm and has a unique thread bearing.

  • F7’s low colouration delivers a very free and lively sound 
  • Adjustable VTA, Azimuth
  • Medium Effective mass
F7 Tonearm – Thread Bearing
F7 Tonearm
Rage 2 Upgrades on a re-badged Rega Planar 2