FX-1200 Tonearm


Technics 1200 arm upgrade service, replace S-shaped tube with F.X technology carbon fibre cross inside aluminium straight tube.

Send your own arm to us and we upgrade the tube, wiring and head shell.

Dramatic improvement in performance like the “20202 Tonearm of the year” FXR, using the same tube.

Pictured is the 1200g arm, but any 1200 series can be upgraded.


In order to work properly cartridges need a rigid support.

For the past 100 years, however, the arms that have carried them have been anything but rigid. In 2010, Funk started an R&D program to solve this.

The result was Funk’s unique F•X Cross-Beam system (pat pend).

Rigid & low-Q, F•X has earned a giant killing reputation, which is well deserved.

Cross Beam – carbon fibre cross, aluminium tube

The first arm to use this technology was based on a Rega and won “Tonearm of The Year” in HiFi+ in 2020

We turned our attention to the ubiquitous Technics arms used on millions of turntables. While the Technics motors have a deserved reputation for robustness and speed stability, the arms are sonically the weak point.

The Funk FX1200 addresses this with a considerably stiffer, Low Q arm that reduces resonances and allows the cartridge to work more effectively.

FX 1200 – here the 1200G arm has been modified

The upgrade is provided as a service, send us your original arm and we return it to you with the upgrades.

  • New FX Cross Beam tube
  • New design headshell
  • Upgraded wiring
  • Arm bearings tested and replaced with AEC7 bearings