Tonearm resonancesa tonearm is like a see-saw, a weight at one end (headshell and cartridge) and a counterweight at the other end with a pivot between. Vibrations pass back from the stylus at a whole range of frequencies into the arm, reflected back by the counterweight, causing the arm to bend and twist variably at different frequencies. This colours the sound as the bending of the arm moves the stylus relative to the record.

Funk Firm have designed 4 tonearms at different price-points to manage vibration and improve the accuracy of information read from the record. These can be retro-fitted to many turntables. All are designed with very stiff arm tubes, engineered not to resonate at audible frequencies, thereby causing less sound distortion. One of the arms, the FXR, is a heavily modified Rega arm, so customers can send in their existing arm for upgrade if desired, making the most of your existing investment.

Any turntable that can be fitted with a Rega arm board can benefit from a Funk Firm arm, including Linn, Thorens, most Technics SL models including the 1200 as well as  Michell, Roksan and many others.

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