The Tone Arm.

Unwittingly, what an apt description for just about every arm produced to date.
Why would you want any of your equipment to have a "tone"?
But arms do!
To see what we mean, you only have to look at any arm resonance curve - see
FXR's text.
Would you, for example, buy a speaker or amplifier with any of those responses?

With its "back to the drawing board" mentality, Funk's latest technological development is set to correct the worst component remaining in the reproduction chain - The
Tone Arm.
We call the technology
F•X (F dot cross) and it brings arm design forwards 100 years.

If we are right, then virtually all other arms are now pretty redundant!

We'll let you be the judge.
We have to hope that many of you don't like
FXR II for we surely will not be able to cope.

FXR II is the first of a range of arms to exploit F•X for you to benefit and enjoy.