Pink Triangle LPT

Little Pink Thing:

The original LPT chassis was very good indeed. This is due in no small part to the novel top plate design and construction.

This held a secret during manufacture which to this day remains hidden and undisclosed!

(Basically, if you were to reproduce the LPT today, as accurately as you choose, we can all but guarantee with a very high degree of certainty that not only it will sound different, it will be inferior to any LPT you could buy off Ebay.)

To those LPT owners out there, now that we have told you that there was always something special in your original purchase, this should go some way to explaining why your LPT has given such musical satisfaction over the years.

It is unfortunate that the politics of the time dictated the use of an AC motor for LPT.
Now, however, the superior DC motor driven by the new LPT version of the VX power supply can be applied to your LPT.

LPT VX is a cost-effective and easily installed solution which is based on K-Drive thereby assuring you of superior technical and sonic results.

Complement it with Achromat and your LPT will return a very fine, detailed yet lively and powerful performance.
LPT VX will take on considerably more expensive modern-day designs.

It is so good that it readily benefits from an upgrade of the commonly fitted Rega RB300 arm to FXR II.

This is good news as the most common arms fitted to LPT were the Rega and the Roksan Tabriz, both with the same Rega mounting and geometry, which is basically that of FXR II and so no major re-engineering of the top plate is needed.