4 Christmas Gifts For Vinyl Superfans

It feels as though Christmas is ages away but it’ll creep up on us very quickly indeed – and there’s nothing worse than feeling rushed and harried when doing Christmas shopping. A bit of planning and forethought means that you can enjoy the process and make sure that your friends and family actually get presents they want rather than a bit of tat you’ve bought because you have to get them something!

If you know any vinyl fans and want to get them something that taps into this particular passion of theirs, here are a few ideas for Christmas presents that are sure to tickle their pickle this year.

A high quality sound turntable

If you’re really looking to spoil someone and want to see their face light up with glee, getting them a funky new record player is certainly going to do just that. Have a quick look around our online shop and you’re sure to find something that suits.

Record Props

Propping your records is a lovely way of showcasing all that stunning album cover art and really making a design feature out of your vinyl. With Record Props, you can either mount your albums on the wall or use them as a table top display.

Sony WI-1000X wireless in-ear noise cancelling headphones

Getting a fancy pair of headphones for someone will certainly also get you in their good books, probably for the majority of 2019. These boast ten hours battery life with noise cancelling and hands-free calls, with vibration notifications for incoming calls.

Crosley record carrier case

If you’re going to be travelling around and can’t bear not to take your music with you, this vintage-inspired and very stylish carry case holds 30 albums and would make for a brilliant present for someone out there.