3 Answers To Your Burning Vinyl Questions

If you’re new to record collecting, you’re sure to have all sorts of questions that you need answers to at certain points as you get to grips with your new hobby… and luckily, we here at The Funk Firm are on hand to help you out, no matter what queries you have. Here are just a few answers to common FAQs to get you started.

Is dust an issue?

If you’re not a big fan of housework, you should probably start learning to like it now as dust can really affect sound quality of your records and even make the needle jump on your turntable. Over time, dust can also build up inside the groove and become hard to get out, so try to keep on top of it if you can.

How should I store my records?

There are all sorts of different cases you can buy that will keep your vinyl in pristine condition but whichever you decide to go for, do make sure that you store your records vertically and not on top of one another. If you stack them up in piles, they could warp over time.

What is a preamp?

Some turntables come with pre-amplifiers built in but if yours doesn’t you’ll need to invest in a separate device that processes the output from the record player in order to get a signal for your speakers. Always make sure that your turntable has this built-in preamp before you spend cash on something unnecessarily. Any record player with a USB output will have this preamp included.

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