Try FUNK at home!

The problem:

Well it’s pretty obvious from reading the reviews and awards and testimonials that just about every single thing that Funk makes is pretty fantastic…and you’re missing out. The only thing standing in your way? You can’t find a dealer carrying Funk.

Why don’t dealers carry our product – or other manufacturers’ product for that matter? This is how we see things:
-You want what’s best for you.
– Dealers have a business to run.

These two are actually at odds with each other. Historically dealers have invested in a brand. They put product on the shelf, They buy stock. They get to know the product…ultimately they become loyal to that brand. (You don’t go to a Volvo dealer and then ask to try a Skoda.) Any customer is only going to make just one purchase. So when a new manufacturer walks in the door and says “Buy my product”, why would the dealer take them on? The dealer is being asked to invest twice, three times etc. but will only sell once. To them another competing brand is dead money.

Funk’s solution:

And all the while we’re sitting here confident that you’re going to love any of our product. Our job then is to make getting us together easy. As long as there are no active dealers in your area, we are offering a 30-day money-back trial period with free one-way shipping.

If you decide you don’t want the product, then let us know and as long as it is undamaged and return arranged by and including the 30th day, we will then refund your original purchase price upon its safe and complete return. This offer also applies internationally, where there is no distribution.

As is so often the way, we have now been badly bitten and our goodwill abused.
Sadly we will now have impose the following conditions:
Responsibility and cost and product insurance for return carriage to be borne by the end-user.
If product is returned, there must be proof that it has been collected within or on the 30 day trial period.
Any costs pertaining to Special finishes or non-standard requests do NOT form part of this offer and are deemed independent of the product being trialled.
This portion of the purchase price is NON-REFUNDABLE upon return of the unit.
Any cartridges supplied by us are also NON-REFUNDABLE.
This is not unreasonable given we are not privy to
a) Wear and tear over a 30-day trial period
b) Any possible damage, accidental or otherwise, the cartridge might have sustained.
We cannot therefore accept return of the cartridge. Once it has left us, it will be deemed purchased.

Try the most beautiful sounding, technically advanced products for 30 days, risk free.